Sunday, 9 January 2011

Blue Oval Mania

Recently I was asked about how I think all these new technologies and platforms that crop up every now and then are going to change the PR / communications business over the next few years.

Well my seemingly stellar answer was that the world is going to be ‘one’, with people eating the same food, wearing the same kind of clothes, consuming the same media, having the same problems, etc. So the differences in the world will be far too diminished, and will help develop universal solutions much more seamlessly; that will work just as brilliantly in Washington as in Mumbai.

Ok fast-forward a week.

My (frequent) mindless surfing of the web led me to the social media intensive, Ford Focus page.

Apologies for my F-word diarrhoea. You must have heard the word Ford innumerable times on this same page (albeit in a different context)

My idea of a pan-world applicability of technology is SO freaking true in the case of the new Ford Focus with Ford’s famous ‘One world One car One name’ concept. But it has to be done right no?

My only grouse with Ford is, that seemingly they haven't realized from the not-so-exciting –sales-returns of the Fiesta (also following the One- world concept) that by not realizing the FULL potential of the program, they are doing more harm than good.

The stunning Fiesta looks very different in India and never did turn up in Qatar, cutting off a lot of auto-fanatics from a car that has been excellently reviewed. So why do they talk of the One World concept at all?

Ford is making the same mistakes again I was devastated to hear that NO the top-spec Titanium model is NOT coming to Qatar and the 2012 model would release only in the US and the UK in spring. And I have to wait a whole year for the same. Maybe I am jumping the gun here and am assuming that One World also means One time. But wishful thinking has always paid off for me. I wish Ford would treat its clientele with the same consideration the world over.

This minor and very personal setback for me (as I had hoped to make the 2012 Focus my first car and very soon) is instantly dismissible. As Ford’s dedication to new and safe technology is astounding, pushing ahead with a whole range of eco friendly-performance and electric cars; all built on the beautiful Focus frame.

I got to admit it looks like one helluva car and also I have to admit that Ford has been one of the only American technology companies to evade bankruptcy fears. So they must be doing something right, but right now it is incomprehensible, what the famous Blue Oval is trying to pull by keeping me wait. But things could be even better. Wishful thinking déjà vu.

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